Quality Assurance is a Priority

Quality is never a given – it can be time-consuming and costly. Packaging is your last opportunity for observing the quality of your product.

Multiple Levels of Quality Assurance

NACP can provide multiple levels of quality assurance applied to your specific needs, even if your materials have been through some form of quality control.

Customized for Individual Needs

Because the product lines and industries we serve are so diverse, our QA applications are variable to the process requirements to meet each individual need.

NACP will work with you to apply the appropriate QA application to meet your needs. Services can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sampling Verification and Documentation

    Sampling verification and documentation can be as simple as a few random case checks or as detailed as an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) Audit, where a pre-specified amount is randomly pulled and checked for conformance.

  • Sample Retention

    Required goods are documented and held and or submitted as representative of the lot or batch they were pulled from.

  • Lot, Batch, FIFO Handling, and Control

    In some instances - mostly food and over-the-counter (OTC) products - this is a requirement through the packaging process. It requires tracking and documenting items from receipt through shipment.

  • Post-Production Audits and Production Sampling

    Each assembly line has a trained and experienced line supervisor. They are directly responsible for maintaining packaging integrity. Additionally, QA inspectors perform line inspections at predetermined intervals. They check materials, assembler processes, finished products, and overall handling cleanliness. They correspond with supervision and management to assure a quality finished product.

Our Safety Record Speaks for Itself

Zero injuries requiring medical attention or workers compensation cases reported in 12 years. Our staff is trained in safety in all aspects of their responsibilities and the facility.

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