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Examine these case studies of custom packaging challenges we’ve overcome and how we exceeded our customers’ expectations.

Contaminated Cosmetics

The Challenge:

  • A cosmetics manufacturer discovered over two hundred thousand imported caps that were contaminated within the housing during fabrication, with tiny particles that could cause contamination of the finished product.
  • With no time to replace, the customer proposed cleaning the housing with ear swabs or soft brushes. This is very labor intensive.

Our Solution:

  • An industrial HEPA vacuum manifold equipped with bristled vacuum tubes to clean multiple units at once and dispose of contaminates.
  • It proved to be 100% effective and a significant reduction in project cost.
  • It proved to be so effective it was later retrofitted for tens of thousands of cartridges for another customer bearing a similar defect.

Cleaning Product Disposal

The Challenge:

  • A customer was saddled with tens of thousands of plastic quart hose spray bottles containing an outdated regulated substance to clean the exterior of houses.
  • They asked NACP for a potential solution because the bottles could not be discarded with content.
  • The customer proposed unpacking, opening, and hand pouring individual bottles into drums and discarding the bottles. 

Our Solution:

  • We felt a method needed to be developed for efficient mass extraction, so we designed a drainage manifold with seating sections for twelve bottles at a time to drain.
  • The idea was so well taken that a second manifold was made to fill and rinse bottles for reuse, saving the customer significant costs.

Removing Garment Creases

The Challenge:

  • A textile manufacturer wanted to increase sales of folded packaged garments through a remarketing initiative of changing to hangers to provide a fresh look.
  • The issue was that the folds created a crease that showed when the garment was on the hanger.
  • They asked how we could help.

Our Solution:

  • We set up industrial steaming positions to remove wrinkles using airplane cable to hang and dry thousands of garments per day, tagging and repacking after they dried.
  • Garments were sorted by size, color, and type, unpacked, unfolded, and hung on portable hanger racks.
  • The packaging (bags, chipboard inserts, and boxes) was sorted and recycled by material type.
  • Hung garments were identified by SKU and moved to the wrinkle and decreasing stage.
  • A dozen high-capacity professional steam machine stations were set up to take out creases with high efficiency in large volume.
  • Once the steam-processed garments were creased and wrinkle-free, they were hung on a cable system extending from each station to dry.
  • After testing with a moisture meter, dry garments were audited for quality.
  • Approved garments were sent to the final stage for packing.
  • The ready-to-ship garments were tagged and boxed and labeled by SKU to be shipped to the distribution centers.

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